Close up photo of Karen T. Madden, conductor

"Transcendent "..."The orchestra has never sounded this good! "..."She raised the bar. "

Photo of Karen T. Madden holding conductor's baton

Dynamic. Passionate. EFFECTIVE.
Combining her relentless energy with humility and authenticity, Karen engages both sides of the podium with ease. She knows precisely the sound she‘s after, and is committed to getting the best possible quality out of the ensemble. Her expressive conducting leaves no doubt to the musicians what she expects them to achieve. Karen conducts with intensity and passion, not just for the music but for the people who play. Having spent years in an orchestra herself, she makes no frivolous demands. Her deep respect for her colleagues reveals an empathy that is uncommon and refreshing on the podium. Musicians trust her leadership.

Ever mindful of the composer’s intent, Karen’s art is for the living, and her audiences sense this. As she channels their energy of appreciation back towards the ensemble, they become collaborators in making transformative art. Whether it’s Beethoven or Tubby the Tuba, on the podium or at an instrument petting zoo, Karen’s joy in the power of orchestral music shines through. Music is a gift and she delivers it to her audiences with confidence and poise.