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 Close up photo of Karen T. Madden conducting

Orchestras and Orgs

Photo of Karen T. Madden holding conductor's baton

Time, talent and treasure are all finite. Here are some of the orchestras and orgs where I choose to spend my resources:

Orchestra School of Central Ohio
My own orchestra, where much of my time happily goes. The Orchestra School is a new kind of community orchestra, where members learn the art of orchestral playing. It’s comprised of teens, retirees, and community musicians, plus professionals who serve as mentors. Orchestra school is all about learning, and our mission is to nurture the orchestral musicians of the future through education in a multi-generational setting.

Central Ohio Symphony
It seems every orchestra wants to serve its community, but this one hits it out of the ball park. Located in Delaware, Ohio, the Central Ohio Symphony produces innovative concerts that routinely sell out, to an audience more diverse than most orchestras can even imagine. Affordable, relevant music that supports the community, an efficient budget, and a welcoming handshake for anyone who wants to help out behind the scenes. This is a wonderful model for a small symphony orchestra.

Educational Music Service
Where (nearly) all my scores come from! There’s never enough time to do everything, so I will occasionally delegate. Don Boyer at EMS is my right hand when it comes to selecting the scores I need to be effective. I have rather peculiar study habits, so I just tell Don what I’m doing, how and where, and he knows exactly which editions and versions I need. EMS’s professional expertise has saved me hundreds of research hours over the last few years, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Greater Columbus Community Orchestra
Long before I served as Assistant Conductor at GCCO, I was a cellist, board member, volunteer and donor. This 50-year old institution has a no-audition policy that allows unsure amateurs a chance to try, hone their skills, and blossom. Their unique format allows them to produce concerts solely for the enjoyment and growth of the musicians. This orchestra’s dedication to its musicians and their betterment fills an important niche in the central Ohio community.

The Loft Violin Shop
My luthier in Indianapolis, from my earliest days on the cello, was a dear man named Al Stancel. When he passed away unexpectedly in 1999, I wasn't sure who to trust with the instruments he had crafted for me. I took them to the Loft, and handed them over to David. Would he and his team care for them just as well? In a word, YES. The Loft has been maintining my cello and violin, and Al's beautiful work, for many years now. Their skill is masterful and their service unparalleled. This is a shop you can trust.